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Protecting Your Business

When considering business security, we ensure that effective security measures are in place, with proportionate on-going costs, where appropriate. We work with our customers to conduct a cost/benefit analysis when recommending security measures and we arrive at an effective, affordable solution – together.


  • Immediate notifications if your business is accessed without authority
  • No cost smartphone push notifications are available
  • 24/7 Pay by the quarter alarm monitoring also available
  • Develop an effective response strategy.


  • Ensure coverage of high risk functions or areas
  • Playback a specific point in time
  • Monitor and understand exactly what happens in the workplace
  • Sharp camera images using the latest technology.

Access Control

  • Ensure the right people access the right places
  • Grant access with keys, cards, fingerprints or facial recognition
  • Remote management of your system is available
  • As simple or as complex as you need.
Design and Installation


When you aren't quite sure what you need or don't know where to start, we help you design a solution that will satisfy your requirements, using the latest technology and install the system into your home or business premises as seamlessly as possible.



As with all technology systems, sometimes things don’t work properly. When the technology is responsible for securing your business, getting it fixed is that little bit more critical. If you have a system with an issue, require some training or just need some advice, complete the Request a Service form and we’ll be in touch to see how we can assist.



Preventative Maintenance helps ensure that your security systems continue to operate effectively and reduce the risk of breakdown. If you have made an investment in Security technology and would like to have us to help keep it operating effectively, contact us and we can provide a quotation.


Alarm systems are one of the more common security devices, but their effectiveness is dependent upon your response strategy.

We not only install alarm systems with effective notification mechanisms, but we help you develop effective response strategies as well.

Alarm Systems by Automation Security
CCTV by Automation Security and Technology


CCTV systems can be as simple or as complex as your organisation needs.

We pride ourselves on providing relevant solutions that add value to your organisation, based upon your risk profile.

As well as being a visual deterrent to intruders, cameras allow you to manage your exposure to fraudulent activity, health & safety claims and public safety issues – at any time of the day or night.

Gone are the days of dull, grainy footage. Digital CCTV systems with infrared night vision provide clear high resolution images to ensure you are recording meaningful video that can be relied upon by the police or court.

Access control systems - Automation Security


Access Control can be as simple as a couple of keys, or as complex as a complete electronic system. The purpose of access control is to ensure that authorised people can access relevant spaces, while unauthorised people cannot. We help you ensure that your access control is appropriate for your circumstances and not excessive or ineffective.

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