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Tailored Home Security Solutions

Although many homes may look the same, each one is different. The occupants, contents, valuables and risks in every home are different. In addition, technology is constantly changing. It is our responsibility to ensure your home is protected against your specific risk profile, using a common sense approach and the latest home security technology available.


  • Give your visitor the impression that you are home when you may not be
  • Give the delivery driver instructions for your parcel when you are away
  • Grant access to your home remotely to trusted visitors


  • Be notified immediately if your home is broken into
  • No cost smartphone push notifications available
  • 24/7 Pay by the quarter alarm monitoring also available
  • Develop an effective response strategy


  • Watch what is happening at home now
  • Playback a specific point in time
  • Understand exactly what happens at home when you’re not there
  • Sharp camera images using the latest technology
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There has been an increase in strata properties investing in security for their common areas to help combat theft, vandalism, dumping of rubbish or illegally parked vehicles and other issues.

Many of our Strata customers have been upgrading their old audio intercom systems to new digital video intercoms, while others are installing CCTV systems to help manage unwanted activity around their homes.

When considering that the relative modest cost of a technology upgrade in your strata complex is spread across all of the owners of a strata complex, it becomes more affordable and increases the return of investment to each unit.

Intercom Systems by Automation Security


One of the simplest ways to keep your home safe and secure is by knowing who you are opening the door to. By installing a video intercom system, you can talk to the person out the front, whether you are home or not. 

Your smartphone can become your mobile intercom monitor simply by downloading an app.


Alarm systems are one of the more common home security devices, but many are either not used because they are ineffective, inconvenient or forgotten about.

An effective alarm system provides an immediate alert when your home has been broken into, using smartphone notifications or a 24×7 monitoring service.

If you opt for back-to-base monitoring, you will have the benefit of trained professionals who receive the alert and act on pre-determined instructions to ensure your response plan is activated as efficiently as possible.

Alarm Systems by Automation Security
CCTV by Automation Security and Technology


It has never been more affordable to install or upgrade CCTV cameras at home to the latest High Definition technology.

As well as being a visual deterrent to intruders, cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home, pets, cars, kids or other valuables at any time of the day or night.

Gone are the days of dull, grainy footage. Digital CCTV systems with Infrared night vision provide clear high resolution images to ensure you are recording meaningful video that can be relied upon by the police or court.

Service your system, Automation Security and Technology


As is the case with all technology, sometimes things break down. When the broken technology is responsible for securing your most valuable asset, getting it fixed is that little bit more critical.

If you have a system with an issue, require some training or just need some advice, click the button below and we’ll be in touch to see if we can assist.

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