Security Guard hire - Automation Security

Professional Security Guards

Automation Security delivers security manpower services across Greater Sydney with a footprint in Wollongong, the Central Coast and mid North Coast.

We provide services for corporate real estate, public festivals and events, shopping centres, industrial access control and construction sites. We also offer an independent consultation service, providing qualified security risk assessments and risk mitigation advice. Our clients have around the clock contact access to our management team and our transparency and honesty is backed by unrivalled industry experience.


Ensure the security of your premises and safety of your people, and manage your brand and public relations risk.

Retail & Loss Prevention

Our professional uniformed and covert security guards provide a deterrent for any potential criminal activity in your outlet.

Industrial & Construction

We implement solutions such as site monitoring, access control, and local surveillance to protect your trades tools or pre-installed industrial infrastructure.

Events & Crowd Control

We have the experience and resources to have venue security managed by a professional team. Whether it is a private party, a work function or an event at Sydney’s largest stadium, we can give you confidence in the security partnership we offer.
Mobile patrols are a cost-effective alternative to having a security guard deployed on site. Random patrols are effective at minimising security risks by providing a visual pattern of attendance.

Strata Properties

Having a security presence at your Strata Complex helps to combat theft, vandalism, rubbish dumping, illegally parked vehicles or other issues.

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